Sunday, November 6, 2011

6.1 Web 2.0

     The first Pillar of Web 2.0 is utilizing the Web as a Platform. This is peer-to-peer technology and an example of this this openSUSE operating systems.The way this relates to our company, the amusement park, is our company developing a operating system to allow people to comment on.  The second Pillar is Harnessing collective intelligence. An example of this would be reviewers on commenting on a product. This can relates to our company by the way we would set up our home page so that our customers, and anyone else for that matter, can rate our rides in our park. The third Pillar is Leveraging the data and this is a company such as Google knowing their customer's preferences. By knowing our customer's preferences we could design new rides or rides we have now to their likings. The fourth Pillar in Web 2.0 is Implementing innovative web capabilities such as Goog411 or widgets on their mobile devices. Our company could design and put out for our customers a virtual roller coaster game online that models one of our rides in our park.

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