Sunday, October 23, 2011

5.1 Critique Your Competitor’s E-Commerce Website

Rule 1: The Website Should Offer Something Unique. Rate: 4
Rule 2: The Website Should be aesthetically pleasing Rate: 2
Rule 3: The Website Must be easy to use and fast Rate: 4
Rule 4: The Website must motivate people to visit Rate: 5
Rule 5: You must advertise your presence on the web Rate: 3
Rule 6:You should learn from your website Rate: 5
     The web site i critiqued was I gave a 4 on offering something unique because they give their users many ways to view their grades.  Next, i gave a 2 on aesthetically pleasing because their site is kinda plain, not much color or pictures. I gave the site a 4 on easy to use because most people who uses it have seen their controls before so they are familiar with them. Next, i gave a 3 on advertisement because they have little advertisement on Google and other search engines like Google. Last, i gave a 5 on learn from your website because u can learn your grade on and professors can see how well each student is doing in their class.

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