Sunday, October 23, 2011

5.3 B2E Electronic Commerce

We would use the intranet to access our own company's server to get a diagram or document we might need. An employee of mine would use their server to access the company's server by going through the firewall we have set up to ask for a password of some sort and they will request the information they need and have it sent back to their own computer.

5.2 B2B Electronic Commerce

The way our company would use the extranet to do business with another company is first work with an engineer firm to draw up blueprints for our roller coaster rides for our amusement park. We would access their server by requesting it through our firewall to try and get permission first. Go through the internet or VPN and then go through their Firewall to get permission or use a password on it to get access. Request the information we want on their server to send it back to us.

5.1 Critique Your Competitor’s E-Commerce Website

Rule 1: The Website Should Offer Something Unique. Rate: 4
Rule 2: The Website Should be aesthetically pleasing Rate: 2
Rule 3: The Website Must be easy to use and fast Rate: 4
Rule 4: The Website must motivate people to visit Rate: 5
Rule 5: You must advertise your presence on the web Rate: 3
Rule 6:You should learn from your website Rate: 5
     The web site i critiqued was I gave a 4 on offering something unique because they give their users many ways to view their grades.  Next, i gave a 2 on aesthetically pleasing because their site is kinda plain, not much color or pictures. I gave the site a 4 on easy to use because most people who uses it have seen their controls before so they are familiar with them. Next, i gave a 3 on advertisement because they have little advertisement on Google and other search engines like Google. Last, i gave a 5 on learn from your website because u can learn your grade on and professors can see how well each student is doing in their class.

4.4 Entity Relationship Diagram

The four entities in my diagram are the customer, invoice, company, and the product. in the customer entity there are customer key, first name, last name, street, city, state, zip, and phone number.These all relate to the customer so they are the attributes to the customer. In invoice is connected to the three entities so it is the primary key in the relationship. The product as attributes as well and they are Product key, name, price, quantity and vendor. The Company would attributes as well such as, company name, company ID, and that would be connected to the invoice number of the product.

4.2 A Basic Network

The server is the host computer that provides all the services that the client asks for. The client are the users that request the service they want.The peers are the ones that do both, request and the service. The request are sent over the transmission medium. But there is a certain extent they can send information and that is called bandwidth.