Friday, September 16, 2011

3.1 Value Chain Analysis

          Our first step in our business process or Value Chain starts use finding a location for our Amusement park and building the rides, attractions, etc. Then we move to our next phase which is advertising our park and rides, and eventually our new rides we will build later on. Our next three steps in our chain starts the automating process by  a combination of selling the tickets to our customers and concession sales, games, arcade, shows, etc. Treating our customers with respect and kindness, and as well as providing them with the best roller coaster rides around will give us an competitive advantage. And finally paying our employees for all their hard work.

           One information systems I would use in our park is the transaction processing system for our ticket sales that we will have. Another IS I would use is the CRM (customer relationship system) to create a relationship with my customers so they would want to keep coming back to our park.

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