Friday, September 16, 2011

1.3 Organizational Chart

At the top of our Organizational chart my group and I have the CIO (Chief Information Officer) because he/she runs the whole entire information system. Below the CIO we have three different managers, the Support manager,who is in control of helping with customer service needs, the Development manager, who is in charge of coming up with the designs of the rides in the amusement park, and the Maintenance manager,who is responsible for keeping the park in good condition.  Under the Support manager is the logistics specialist, who is responsible for maintaining the relationship with the customers. And under each of the managers are people who work for them.
       One important job in our organizational is the CIO, because he is in charge of the business aspects of the park. The second important job is the Development manager/Ride Designer because he comes up with the ride designs and if the customers don't like them they wont come to our park. The last important job in our chart is the Maintenance manager because he is in charge of maintaining the conditions of the park, including the rides.

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