Thursday, September 1, 2011

1.2 Data

 1. Event
 Sales ID number: 123456789 -> 123-45-6789 -> Date of Birth, date purchased -> Age, place of employment
Data -> Information -> Knowledge -> Wisdom

For event sale I gave the people that brought a ticket a sales ID 123456789. I turned that raw data into a SSN 123-45-6789, turning that raw data into information. That SSN was giving a date, the date it was purchased, turning that information into knowledge. The knowledge was giving the age, place of work, and address turning it into wisdom.

2. Person/Customer
98715 -> 987-15 -> Name of Customer -> School records, Medical Records, Employment Records
Data -> Information -> Knowledge -> Wisdom

 For person/customer I started with raw data 98715. I turned that raw data in an ID customer number 987-15 making it information. I associated that customer number with a name, Thomas Smith, making it knowledge. I added additional information such as school records, employment history, and medical records to Thomas Smith to turn it into wisdom.

3. Product/ Service
54321 -> ticket number-54,321 -> 54,321 seasonal pass -> price, expiration date, pass holder's name

  Last, I choose to use 54321 as my raw data for Product/service. I turned that raw data into information by making it 54,321. I made that number relevant adding to it that the fact it was a seasonal pass, making it into knowledge. The way i turned that knowledge into wisdom was by adding price, expiration date, and also pass holder's name to it.

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