Monday, September 26, 2011

4.1 IFS H/W Infrastructure

You use an input technologies such as a key board to input letters onto the screen to display. The CPU(Central Processing Unit) converts the letters we understand into machine language such as bits and bytes. These bits and bytes are 1's and 0's or electrical charges the computer understands. The ASCII is the standard computer language that everyone around the world follows. The computer outputs the information on the screen that is called the Output Technology.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3.2 Sell My Idea

      One of the Information systems I'm using is the Transaction Processing system. The reason they should use this system is because if they don't use it then they wont have the proper data transactions for that certain day, if that happens then they can lose a lot of money. The second information system I'm using is the GIS (Geographical information system). The reason why i propose they use this system is because i believe that they can really map out where they want to put the amusement park at and if it's a good location. The last information system I am using is the CRM (Customer relationship management) system. It has be proven that if they use this system that their relationship with their customers will continue to increase and their profits will increase by 10 percent.
      The cost of our amusement park's recurring software and telecommunications added with the recurring personnel and maintenance repairs through out three years, 2010-2012, will be more than the benefits of our increased sales and error reductions through the first year. But, slowly as we progress onward our benefits will increase.

Friday, September 16, 2011

3.1 Value Chain Analysis

          Our first step in our business process or Value Chain starts use finding a location for our Amusement park and building the rides, attractions, etc. Then we move to our next phase which is advertising our park and rides, and eventually our new rides we will build later on. Our next three steps in our chain starts the automating process by  a combination of selling the tickets to our customers and concession sales, games, arcade, shows, etc. Treating our customers with respect and kindness, and as well as providing them with the best roller coaster rides around will give us an competitive advantage. And finally paying our employees for all their hard work.

           One information systems I would use in our park is the transaction processing system for our ticket sales that we will have. Another IS I would use is the CRM (customer relationship system) to create a relationship with my customers so they would want to keep coming back to our park.

1.3 Organizational Chart

At the top of our Organizational chart my group and I have the CIO (Chief Information Officer) because he/she runs the whole entire information system. Below the CIO we have three different managers, the Support manager,who is in control of helping with customer service needs, the Development manager, who is in charge of coming up with the designs of the rides in the amusement park, and the Maintenance manager,who is responsible for keeping the park in good condition.  Under the Support manager is the logistics specialist, who is responsible for maintaining the relationship with the customers. And under each of the managers are people who work for them.
       One important job in our organizational is the CIO, because he is in charge of the business aspects of the park. The second important job is the Development manager/Ride Designer because he comes up with the ride designs and if the customers don't like them they wont come to our park. The last important job in our chart is the Maintenance manager because he is in charge of maintaining the conditions of the park, including the rides.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2.2 Automobile Industry

       In the article "Automobile Industry" I read it talked about how over the years Globalization 3.0 has changed the automobile industry drastically. More countries around the world are demanding more automobiles and Globalization 3.0 is making that happen because of the "flattened" world theory. Also, car companies around the world are trying to come up with a "world car", a basic car with a few modifications can be sold all over the world in different countries.
      The first question on the very next page asked, "How is Globalization 3.0 fueling change in the auto industry?" More countries are using more and more resources, in which they demand more products for their country. The second question on the same page asked, "Examine how cultural differences make it difficult to create a world car". The cultures have different taste and preferences they like making it hard to come out with a world car that will suit everyone's taste.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

2.1 Globalization Enablers

       The website is a yahoo sponsored web that allows it's users to share, send, and upload photos to share with other people around the world. One enabler that can use is the "Upload" enabler. makes it's living off allowing people to upload their photos on their site to be seen by other people. Another enabler that can use or is using now is the "Steroids" enabler. is always growing, becoming better, and updating their site as time passes. The last enabler that uses is the "Work Flow Software" enabler. works with Facebook, as well as Google to let their users stay connected with those sites as well.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

1.2 Data

 1. Event
 Sales ID number: 123456789 -> 123-45-6789 -> Date of Birth, date purchased -> Age, place of employment
Data -> Information -> Knowledge -> Wisdom

For event sale I gave the people that brought a ticket a sales ID 123456789. I turned that raw data into a SSN 123-45-6789, turning that raw data into information. That SSN was giving a date, the date it was purchased, turning that information into knowledge. The knowledge was giving the age, place of work, and address turning it into wisdom.

2. Person/Customer
98715 -> 987-15 -> Name of Customer -> School records, Medical Records, Employment Records
Data -> Information -> Knowledge -> Wisdom

 For person/customer I started with raw data 98715. I turned that raw data in an ID customer number 987-15 making it information. I associated that customer number with a name, Thomas Smith, making it knowledge. I added additional information such as school records, employment history, and medical records to Thomas Smith to turn it into wisdom.

3. Product/ Service
54321 -> ticket number-54,321 -> 54,321 seasonal pass -> price, expiration date, pass holder's name

  Last, I choose to use 54321 as my raw data for Product/service. I turned that raw data into information by making it 54,321. I made that number relevant adding to it that the fact it was a seasonal pass, making it into knowledge. The way i turned that knowledge into wisdom was by adding price, expiration date, and also pass holder's name to it.